What are the benefits of joining JLCV?

Meeting women who share the values expressed in The Junior League Mission – increasing the potential of women, meeting community needs through the action of trained volunteers and so much more. The Junior League of the Champlain Valley’s (JLCV) membership offers organized opportunities to serve the community alongside a diverse group of local women. Volunteering in ways that use your time well and build leadership skills. Women of all races and religions with a commitment to volunteerism are encouraged to get involved.

If I have a full-time job, can I still volunteer?

Yes! A large number of JLCV members hold regular full-time jobs and still find time to volunteer with us. We try to have volunteer opportunities available in the evenings and on weekends. Meetings are held in the evenings to offer additional flexibility for working women.

What organizations benefit from your volunteers?

Since 1985, the women of the JLCV have been raising funds, identifying needs in the greater Champlain Valley community, and developing programs to meet those needs. Often times we collaborate with other organizations who share our vision which allows us to increase our impact in the community.  Please take a look at some of our current projects as well as projects we have completed in the past.

Is the Junior League of Champlain Valley, Inc. a networking organization? Am I able to promote my business to other JLCV members?

While the JLCV supports and works hard to provide opportunities for personal growth for all of its members, it is a volunteer and not a networking organization. Our members devote their time to promoting our mission: The Junior League of Champlain Valley, Inc. (JLCV) is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Similarly, to help our members remain focused on our mission and to maintain the JLCV’s character as a volunteer organization, JLCV members are not permitted to use their JLCV membership to promote their own business.

However, JLCV members are offered the opportunity to take on new challenges and learn new skills that benefit them professionally, without the pressure of a job evaluation.

Why should I volunteer with the JLCV versus other organizations?

Current members feel that the JLCV provides a unique volunteer experience and they enjoy being part of an organization that makes a meaningful impact in their local communities. The JLCV provides members with a structured, well-organized volunteer experience. Volunteers also benefit from training in a variety of educational and leadership programs. Ultimately, however, most members say they value the lifelong friendships forged through their membership in the JLCV.

Several of our members, who we have trained as volunteer leaders, have been asked to assume leadership positions with other local non-profit organization

What is the “New Member” class?

If you would like to become a member of the JLCV, you will be asked to complete a “provisional” year with a group of other women also considering membership. This is the New Member Class. In order to become a member of the Junior League of Champlain Valley, (i.e., an “Active Member”), you must complete this provisional year.

What does the "provisional year" consist of?

The "provisional year" consists of several trainings and orientations to familiarize yourself with JLCV.  New Members also participate in their own group project and overall learn about how we carry out our mission of promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. 

Is there an age requirement to join?

There is no age requirement to join the JLCV.  Typically, most of our members are 21 or older.

When can I join?

JLCV is always interested in welcoming New Members to our organization and accepts new volunteer inquiries year round.  Traditionally, the New Members begin in September and become official or “Active” members in May.  The “League year” runs from September to May for Active JLCV Members. 

Please EMAIL us if you are interested in membership!

Junior League of Champlain Valley - PO Box 4418 Burlington VT 05406 - Email JLCV - 3060 Williston Road Suite 4 S. Burlington VT 05403
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